About Me

I've been writing stories since elementary school (we're talking prehistoric times here) :)  I remember taking the TAAS test in third grade, and we had to write a creative story for the writing section. A few minutes after turning mine in, my teacher began laughing at her desk. Everyone looked at me. One of my friends whispered, "She's reading your story."

I was pretty proud that day.

I studied children’s literature in college and graduated with a degree in early childhood education.You would not believe this class I took in college. We read and analyzed children's books. Yes, for a class!! The writing bug crept up on me then, but I was so busy with my internship and the idea of finally making money, I didn't take the time to embrace it.

After my first year of teaching second grade, I had so many ideas swirling around in my head, I had to write. I might have gone crazy if I didn't! 

Now, my children inspire many of my stories along with everything else I love in life.

If I'm not writing, you can find this Texas girl singing the ABCs with my daughter, reading jokes to my son, dancing at the gym or just being lazy with my husband.

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